Services Include -

Small Network Management

Antivirus Installed

Virus Removal

Data Recovery

Email Systems Management

Software Tracking/Management

Phone Integration

Hardware Purchasing/Installation

Hardware Repair

Password Management

Remote Access Management

Onsite and Offsite Training

Camera Systems

‚ÄčRalston Technical Solutions

There is never a reason to suffer through an infected computer or a slow network.  Maintained computers and networks lead to less stress, less costly repairs down the line, and less worry about whether or not your personal and customer data is safe. Productivity skyrockets when your staff isn't held back by technical hurdles.

I've spent my career as a journeyman, trying to learn something new wherever I worked. I read once that as long as we continue to learn, we continue to grow and I live my life by that thought. 

I've worked for Fortune 50 companies, midsize multi-state companies and small boutique firms.  After seeing how many small businesses miss out on some of the great opportunities that pass their way because they were so busy being a small business to notice them, I decided to bring what I have learned to the true driving force of the American economy: the small and medium sized owner based businesses. 

My drive is to help grow local small businesses and to better the overall business community by helping them become stronger, better educated and better supplied business owners.

A stronger business community makes for a stronger community overall.

Why I do what I do

Big business IT solutions for smaller business budgets